Bring the Culinary Institute of Cape Town into your classroom!

Attention high school teachers! We want to provide you with educational resources from Culinary Institute of Cape Town to spark passion in your learners for culinary arts or pastry and pursuing careers in the Culinary Industry.

– Regular school visits will be conducted to all High Schools in our direct area to keep you updated with news and events.

– Complete a Demonstration Request Form (downloadable) and get our Professional Chef in your classroom! These demonstrations will be customized to your specific curriculum needs.

– Teachers Workshops will allow you to attend a FREE workshop twice a year and get your own masterclass lessons from our Professional Chefs to add even more value to your learners in class. Keep an eye on our events page (link) for dates and booking info.

– Recipes – we are willing to supply any of our recipes that you might need to assist with your curriculum. Simply contact our Institution and request a recipe.

Book a Demo

We at Culinary Institute of Cape Town would like the opportunity to come to your school and do a demonstration for your Grade 12 & Grade 11 Home Economics students.
Our Chefs are able to do the demo according to your curriculum that you are busy with at the present time.
If you would like to make a booking, please complete the booking form below:

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