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Love to cook? Learn how to get started in Culinary Arts or Pastry and turn your passion for food into an exciting career. Learn all about the programs we offer, careers in the Food Industry, and how to get accepted at Culinary Institute of Cape Town.

The Culinary Institute of Cape Town is home to a vibrant academic community that prepares high school students and other young learners for careers in the big industry of food. Moreover, we are committed to providing a safe, fun environment where students can interact with classmates from different cultures, engage in professional development opportunities and launch their culinary careers.



Choosing the right Institution is one of the most important discussions parents can have with their children. We are happy to show you why Culinary Institute of Cape Town is the best option for culinary education and opportunities for them to pursue their Culinary Dreams in the most cost-effective way possible.



We encourage teachers everywhere to cultivate within learners of all ages a passion for cooking. Our relationship with teachers is of utmost importance and we assist with practical demonstrations, teacher’s workshops and more, to enhance their students’ learning experience and to plant the seed for their students to consider a Culinary arts education.

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